Barbara Harvey

Life Coach & Stress Consultant


Specialist in Stress Management


What would you like to change about yourself, if you could?


Would you like to feel more confident, either across the board or in particular situations?

Would you like to have more self control around food, sugar, cigarettes or alcohol?

Would you like not to feel stressed or anxious all the time?

Would you like to be able to stand up for yourself?

Would you like to feel calm when you speak in front of a few or a lot of people?

Would you like to be able to ask for a pay rise?

Would you like to not feel guilty about everything?

Would you like to like yourself more?


Well, you can! 

All of these things, and many more, can be changed so we can feel more comfortable as we live our life.

Every one of these symptoms and more, are a result of the way we respond to what is going on around us.  These are responses that are happening automatically but because that is the case, it doesn’t mean our responses can’t be changed, because they can.  When we do things automatically we are using a memory that is stored in our unconscious mind, like when we cleaning our teeth.  When we clean our teeth we are able to think about other things like what we will be doing later that day or what we did earlier.  We are using a memory of when we first cleaned our teeth successfully so we don’t need to think about it now which allows us to think about something else.  The same can be said for virtually everything we feel like stress, anxiety or guilt. 

When I work with clients it is not important what the memory is or when it was put there, what I work with is how it makes you feel and then we work as a team to change how you respond in the future, so you can feel better and make better choices.


To find out more and to book sessions please email: barbara@equinox-coaching.co.uk or leave a message on 01279 831165 and I will get back to you.