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Barbara J Harvey

Personal & Business Coach

Life Coach

Certified Practitioner in Educational Performance


About Barbara



How long have you been a Coach?

I have been Professionally Coaching clients since 2001 and for 6 of those years I was also a tutor in London.

What do you enjoy about doing what you do?

I love seeing my client’s faces as they realise they have the ability to change how they feel.  As a society we are taught to believe that there are things that we will have to ‘live with’ and if we can do that, we can expect no more.  That is not always the case, as there are many conditions that we can take control of, if we know how.

What conditions do you most enjoy working with?

I get immense satisfaction working with clients that are frustrated and annoyed at being restricted and stuck.  I believe that our life is a gift, and if anything is stopping us from living it to the full, it is up to us to find a way to change it.  We are much more capable of changing how we feel than we are lead to believe.  This is mainly because there are few people around to teach us.  In answer to the question, I don’t have one favourite condition as each condition is important to the client, so it is important to me.  I really love what I do and am passionate to help people enjoy their life.

Do you work with groups or just individuals?

There are no two humans that have the same way of responding or thinking about something, therefore all of us are unique.  However, there are situations and conditions that are common to many, as the ways of responding to situations can be quite similar.  That is why it is possible to deal with some conditions within a group format. The information delivered in Groups has to be generic, whereas when we are dealt with as an individual the information can be specially tailored for that individual.  Sometimes it is less scary for the client to initially attend a group session before they decide to seek individual help.

Do you give talks?

Talks are very good ways to widen understanding.  Very often we are unaware of what is possible until we hear a talk about it.  I enjoy delivering talks either about my work in general or about a specific topic.  I find it useful to go to different places of work as many people don’t have the time to research ways to help themselves.  I also feel that by being invited to the workplace demonstrates that the employer cares about their staff.

Have you any interesting stories about your work?

I think all my clients are truly amazing.  It is not easy to realise you have something getting in your way, find someone to help you, do the change work needed and to also continue with your life, so I applauded them all.  However there is one 15 year old girl who I worked with that I totally respect and use as a model for every client I work with.  She was diagnosed with M.E. and had been in bed in the darkest room I had ever been in for over two years.  She weighed 32.4kg and ten days before our session, her father rang and said the consultants had given her 4 months to live. We decided to continue and I worked with her for 12 hours over a three day period.  We took the covers off the windows and she got up on her feet (with support) on the first day.  On the third day she waved my goodbye from the front veranda.  That was in August 2009.  She is now a most beautiful woman living a full and happy life.  If she can do that, we can do almost anything!