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Barbara J Harvey

Stress Consultant


My family were all low achievers.  When I look back I think that lack of confidence was the biggest issue.  They all believed ‘they were not good enough’ ‘they were not worth it’.


How did this affect me? 


It was a Saturday, I was 18, I was in London with my friends and was coming down an escalator.  Standing at the bottom of the escalator was a man in a suit who asked if I had ever thought about becoming a model.  I was 5ft 11ins (in old measurements) slim with long straight blond hair.  I replied that I hadn’t.  He gave me a card and asked me to ring him on the Monday morning.  My friend, Sandra, who I was with, was SO excited but he made it clear that the offer was for me, not her.  When I got home I spoke to my parents and showed them the card.  They looked at me and then the card, and then laughed.  They each said ‘People like us don’t do things like that’.  They said that it was probably a joke and he probably approached me for a dare.  When I told Sandra on the Sunday she asked for the card so I gave it to her.  She told her parents and on the Monday morning her father rang the number.  He found out that the man who had given me the card was the owner and manager of one of the top Model agencies in London.  Sandra’s dad came round on the Monday evening and told me that I should take this seriously.  I believed that I was not good enough and I would probably be wasting his time and did nothing.


I became a low achiever just like my parents.


I had not had any support through my years at school so got middle to low grades.  I had jobs but no career and did what was expected of me at that time and got married and had children.  I was the stay at home mum and the wife that looked after her husband.  I suffered with depression, frustration, low self esteem and agoraphobia.  At times I could see no reason for going on and if it had not been for my children I know, 100%, I would have killed myself.


At the age of 44 my life took a massive turn, like so many lives do, I found myself studying to become a Life Coach.  I realised I loved learning so have continued and have studied many subjects, all of them are body, mind and spirit related, and all of which help me in my work with clients.  I have been a Life Coach for nearly twenty years and have travelled around Europe as well as becoming a Tutor based in London.


Yet again a spanner was thrown in the works when my father’s death left my mother with dementia and penniless, after finding out his Will was corrupt.  The result of fighting for my mother’s rights to use her money meant that I lost everything, Tutor post, European connections, home and car.  I had also been ill-advised by a Solicitor and found myself being accused of Grand Theft and being sued for thousands. In the process I nearly lost my mind and I know that the only thing that saved me was my skills.


This is where I am today.


I know that the knowledge that I have is powerful and I know that is can help others.


I am still in touch with many of my students and they have all urged me to continue.  I am so passionate about helping others and have the ability to make learning a fun experience by using metaphors instead of using scientific terminology. 


I may not have gone through exactly what you are going through but I have been through enough to be able to appreciate that making changes is important to you.  I also know that what I teach works if you continue to use it until it becomes an automatic behaviour, and I will support you every step of the way.