How different would your life be if you had more confidence?


I have asked this question to many of my clients and the majority of them say ‘Oh very different’ and think that is a suitable answer.  Well, it is not!  If that was your first reaction it means that you would like your life to be different and probably better and the above answer only identifies that things are not how you would like them to be.  If that is the case then you deserve better, and to do that you need to have more information about how you would like your life to be.

To take your thoughts to the next level it would be beneficial for you to answer the following questions.

What areas of your life would be different if you had more confidence?

In what way would it be different?

In your opinion how would that change the rest of your life?

Researchers state that there are only about 2% of us who do not think we could do with a little more confidence is some aspect of our lives, which indicates that there are many of us who know this and think that we have no say in the matter. The common statements in this situation are ‘I don’t understand why I can’t …….’ and ‘I am just too scared to ………’

I can tell you that you actually have a very big say in how you feel about and respond to ‘stuff’ that happens to you in your life.

To understand more and learn how you can change your confidence levels come along to my half day workshop which is called ‘The 7 Steps to More Confidence’.  Here you will start to understand what is creating the present situation and then you will be shown the 7 Steps that will enable you to start making the changes that you want.  The package includes 4 weeks of email or telephone support and a 1 hour Complimentary 1-2-1 session to be booked at the workshop.  At present all this is being offered at the reduced price of £97 (normal price £147).  Visit the appropriate page on my website for the dates offered and email me to reserve your place.  You will then be sent an invoice.  All fees are to be received and cleared before the workshop or you can arrange to bring cash on the day.


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The role ‘Feelings’ play – in everything we do!

Hello!  I hope things have gone well since our last blog.

I was working with a client this week that had come to me with a Weight issue and when she walked in it was clear to see that she was really cross with herself.  She plonked herself down on the chair and immediately started telling me how annoyed she was that she knew exactly what she should have done but just didn’t feel like doing it.  She told me that no matter how much she tried she just couldn’t get her mind in the right place.  This is what we spoke about 2 blogs ago, wasn’t it?  Anyway, she went on saying she felt that time was slipping past and she was still not making progress.

I would like you to stop and consider exactly what she said.  She said she ‘just didn’t feel like doing it’.  She then said she ‘felt’ that time was slipping past.

I would now like you to consider some other things that generally happen in life.

  1. When you meet someone new, how do you know if you like them?
  2. Or, how do you know if there is something about them that you are not sure about?
  3. When you try on new shoes or an item of clothing, how do you know if you could wear them for a couple of hours?
  4. When you do a new task, how do you know if you like doing it or if you don’t?
  5. How do you know if the temperature is too hot or cold for you?

The answer to all these questions is related to how you feel.  Every decision we take is strongly influenced by how we feel about whatever it is.

For those of us who are overweight we know that we have eaten too much food and more than likely the wrong types of foods.  We also know that to reduce our weight we need to change what we eat and the quantity that we eat, and nearly every diet or weight loss programme will tackle this aspect of Weight Loss.

The problem is that you have eaten in response to a feeling and for everyone the cause of the feeling is different, but until we sort out what is causing the feeling, whenever we take our eye off the ball, or the diet we have decided to follow, the feeling will be there and we start to go back to the way we were before.

The PINNACLE of Weight Loss Programmes teaches you how to become aware of the feelings and you will then learn tips and strategies that will help you understand them and deal with them in an alternative way.

You will also have the opportunity to take things further and deal with the problem that is creating the feeling so you no longer have to be the slave of your feelings.  I guarantee that in our one to one session you will learn where these feelings originate, and I will also guarantee that they can be permanently dealt with in an easy and pain free way.

I look forward to hearing your questions and views.

Best wishes from Barbara.

How to be the Captain of your ship called ‘LIfe’!


Have you had a good month?  What have you done to take you nearer to your goals?

I would like to ask you five questions that are similar to the ones that got me off my ‘back-side’ and made me take action, all those years ago.

  1. What would you like to do in your life that ‘deep down’ you just don’t believe you will ever do?
  2. Have you ever seen anyone else do this thing?
  3. Why do you think they can do it, yet you think you can’t?
  4. If I said I know you can do it and I can help you, what would you think?
  5. What would you do next?

Through no fault of our own, and usually not intentionally by anyone else, we set limits to our capabilities and achievements.  These beliefs have usually been with us since we were very young and so, to us, they feel they are part of us.

If you bought a computer 10 year ago, then after 6 months of using it you installed a programme, when you use it now, 9 ½ years later, that programme has become ‘just’ part of your computer.  You don’t think about it being installed separately.  Yet, if we chose to, we could update that programme or uninstall it, even though it would leave evidence in the history of the computer.

The same can be said for our behaviours and beliefs.

Just like a computer, with the right help, we can change any programme/behaviour that is hindering us from achieving something that we want.  The visible signs of one of these old programmes/behaviours could be Weight issues, Confidence problems, Low mood or Depression, Feeling like you are not as good as others or Feeling Guilty on a regular basis.  These conditions can make you feel frustrated as they seem to be so big and impossible to get around.

If you really want to do this thing, your next step should be to contact me and find out how to start making the changes to alter the path of your life.

We are all ‘A work in Progress’ and because we are the way we are today, it does not mean that this is the way we have to stay.  We can all change if we are prepared to do the work.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your changes.

Best wishes from Barbara.


The most Powerful You can Lose Weight!


Have you noticed how many advertisements there are on the TV concerning weight loss?

From my many years experience and also from listening to others, nearly all of these diets work in one way or another, weather healthy or not.  We hear about how much weight you can lose in a particular amount of time and this is great because this is what we want.  It then leads us to ask ‘So what is going wrong?  Why do we have to forever be on a diet?’

I have probably been on as many diets as you and the culmination of all of them lead me to being at my heaviest 25st 6lbs.  It was about 14 years ago that I started to make the changes in my life that lead me to where I am today, 10 stone lighter and a whole lot more knowledgeable.  I still have weight to lose, but for me now, it is not an issue as it is coming off slowly and I know I will do it.

The great ‘Ah ha’ moment in my life was realising that it is the reduction of calories and the increase of exercise that physically allow the body to decrease in size.  But – and for those who know me, I do not use that word lightly – it is the mind that is the main influence over what you eat and if you exercise.  I know this for a fact and although I do not have the problem now I hear many people on a daily basis saying exactly the same things that I used to say.

I know that when you start any diet you are very motivated, so keeping to what you are told to eat and maybe do the suggested exercise is really easy.  Then after a while, and this can be days or weeks, you wake up and realise that something has changed.  It is like something has flicked over in your mind while you are sleeping, I call it the ‘switch in my brain’, and from then on it feels like you are on your own and it is hard to keep motivated.  The purpose and importance of why you are trying to lose weight fades making those high calorie foods so tempting.  It doesn’t matter if you try to start the diet again or start a new one, until that switch has flicked itself back again, it feels like a hard slog.

The PINNACLE of Weight Loss Programmes is a programme that teaches you processes to help you to help your mind with dieting.  It will work with any diet, for any age and with any condition.  Instead of focusing on the food and exercise part of losing weight, we focus on what you think, say(to yourself) and feel.  By changing what you think, what you say and how you feel we will change the need for you to eat unnecessarily.

The first Seminar is on January 14th at 7.30-9pm in Harlow.  If you want more information and register for the seminar go to:    www.barbarajharvey.co.uk      At the Seminar you will learn about the different aspects that will be covered at the Workshops.  You will also hear about the support systems that are in place.

It would be so lovely to see you there but if that is not possible, drop me a line if you have any questions.

Best wishes,