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Barbara J Harvey

Life Coach / Healer / Medium


What happens in your sessions?


There must be many other Coaches who have added gifts but I will tell you how I work.


I have always seen people who are not physically there.  The first time I remember this happening what while I was lying in a wicker basket and seeing a lady that wasn’t my mum looking down and speaking to me.  She had a small bobbed fringe and wore her hair up in a bun.  She had a grey fitted dress with a rounded stand up collar and really small buttons down the front.  She was in her early 30’s.  I saw her regularly.


Years later my mother told me that she used a wicker laundry basket as a crib and I was put into a cot when I was about 6 weeks old.


Throughout my life I have always had spirit people around and they would help me connect with people so I could help.  They would help me turn the subject of a conversation to something that would help alleviate a worry of the person I was speaking to.


My training to become a Life Coach took 4 Years after which I was asked to become a Tutor so I did an additional year of study.  Then I became a practical examiner, an examiner and an invigilator for all the written papers.  I have now worked in the field since 2001.


Before that I was qualified as a ‘hands-on’ therapist in Reflexology, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy.  I am also qualified in Reiki.


When I work with clients, no matter what they come for, I seldom work alone.  On most occasions spirit start assembling who are professional in the area needed by my client.  They come to help and offer advice to my client through me.  On some occasions members of my client’s family who have passed away will attend, and then I am able to pass on personal messages.


Each Medium has his or her own strength and ability.  In the past I have chosen to keep my two worlds separate and have only revealed my gift if I feel my client is open to this.  I have felt recently that this needs to change, and have chosen to openly do spirit work as part of my existing session work.


If my client have any concerns and would prefer not to be aware of spirit helpers, they only have to say at our first meeting.


I hope this helps you understand how my sessions are conducted.  If you have any questions, I would welcome them through email and would do my best to answer clearly.


Thank you for reading.