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Barbara J Harvey

Life Coach & Stress Consultant


Specialist in Stress Management

What I have realised about life is that we are always learning.

I have had just as many knocks as everyone else, and they have been just as challenging.  No two lives are the same just like no two people are the same, and I think life can give us some really hard obstacles to get around.

Throughout my life I have worn many different hats and lots of them I was happy and relieved to take off and will never touch again. 

There are three, however, that make me the person who I am.  ‘They make me complete.’  The first is being a Mother of two amazing people.  I have learnt so much from being with them.  The second is Dressmaking and Thread and Yarn crafts.  When I do these it is a therapy for me.  And the third is Coaching People out of dark and difficult places in their lives and seeing them walk off into the sunset, so to speak, smiling.  Coaching in particular makes me feel exhilarated.  I absolutely adore doing it. 

People come to me who are being weighed down and demoralised with life and start to talk.  As they talk they become engulfed in their life and feel really trapped.  I listen very carefully to my client and use all the skills I have to understand them and their lives.  I then start asking a variety of questions that, at first, feel strange and irrelevant, but before long they realise that they are relevant and they are starting to feel lighter.  Can you imagine how that feels?  By just asking questions and offering them an alternative opinion you have freed them, they can breathe again and start to see things from a different perspective.

Becoming a Life Coach and Stress Consultant was the best decision I have ever made.  Following my training which took 4 years I became a Tutor for the College I trained at in London and I am pleased to say I still keep contact with some of my pupils.  They were training to become Practitioners themselves so often they need a mentor as two heads are better than one.

One of my students from Norway wrote this and asked if I could put it on my website.


During my one-year course in NLP and Hypnotherapy, meeting real clients was an essential part of the trainingAmong various lessons learned, meeting clients‘ personal experiences and needs was essentialSupporting the client while they built trust and rapport with me was also required. This practice was unique and highly informative. I learned to use all the acquired knowledge directly with clients and accomplished firsthand experience of the surprising power and often immediate successful outcomes of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.

An experienced tutor always lead the practical part of our training, and it was in this way I first met Barbara as one of the tutors. She led the training in a very qualifiedinformative and reassuring way that increased my abilities and knowledge of how to care for the clients’ individual needs and reach their positive outcomes.
Barbara is 
extraordinarily knowledgeableexperiencedcreative and open minded in selecting therapeutic approaches that gave beneficial outcomes for our clients

With personal thanks to Barbara and the training, I eventually developed a strong respect for clients‘ wellbeingfocusing on individual therapy with the best possible outcome in mind. After graduation, I started up my own clinic and began accepting clients. The start of a career as a therapist is challenging in many ways and also critical with respect to building a sustainable practice.

A newly graduated therapist can have a limited window in time for making success and assure that one’s therapeutic reputation is growing. It is particularly valuable to ensure that a client gets the best possible help and support they can, possibly they deserve more than you can provide at that moment in your career. This may be essential in building trust with the client and provide a successful outcome. The need to have a mentor to seek guidance from became obvious and Barbara was my first choice which proved to be remarkably successful.

Barbara was my guiding mentor through the first six months after the start of my practice, where she shared her vast knowledge and experience and made me feel safe and secure when practicing NLP and Hypnotherapy with my clients. I am truly grateful for her generous and excellent mentoring and guidance. I encourage all graduates who read this to get their personal mentor, and I’ll recommend Barbara as an excellent NLP mentor for newly graduated coaches.


Gunnar Ørnskar

Livstråd NLP


I hope you have enjoyed looking at this brief glance into my life.  If you ever find yourself in a place where you are not enjoying you life, then please feel free to ring.  You may have to leave a message as I am often busy, but I am never too busy to speak with you so I will ring you back.


I hope to see you soon.