Coffee with a Coach

Coffee with a Coach

Barbara J Harvey


Specialist in Stress Management



Coffee with a Coach


Coffee with a Coach



Learning in a relaxed, friendly environment


Before becoming a ‘Life Coach’ I had absolutely no idea how helpful a Coach could be, or how powerful, we humans are.  I believed that if I was suffering with anything, there was a department in the NHS that would be able to help me.  I could therefore see no need for a ‘Life Coach’.  I have worked with many people who have shared my old view and I have also received those dismissive looks that I once gave others.


I know the NHS is an amazing service that offers so much too so many. However, the service they deliver is based on mainly offering drug based solutions.

There is so much we can change about ourselves without the use of drugs.

A ‘Life Coach’ can help you understand the responses that you have to incidents in life and help you learn new ways to respond that are more useful for you.  By looking at what we think, say and do automatically we can see how we do what we do now that is creating the unwanted feelings.  When you know what to look for and how to understand the affect it is having on you, it is much easier to make the appropriate changes.  It is widely believed that if something is happening automatically, there is little we can change, but this is not always the truth.

Human beings are truly amazing and we have much more ability to help ourselves than we are lead to believe.  When you understand more, you realise that you are able to influence how you respond to incidents that happen, enabling you to keep your life on a more even keel.

My aim of using the ‘Coffee with a Coach’ meetings is to help you understand the internal communications that you have always had but never been aware of.  Once you become aware and are able to understand them, you are able to work on them to help you have a better life.  Through our education years there is very little time, if any, that are dedicated to help you understand you.  The need to know how to help ourselves ease stress and other negative conditions is growing and the reason for this is probably because our lives are getting more intricate, pressured and complicated. 


How ‘Coffee with a Coach’ meetings work

Arrange your time and date.  Meetings can be arranged for Mondays to Wednesdays – mornings, afternoons or evenings.

It’s advisable to allow a minimum of 90 minutes for each meeting but we usually chat for about 2 hrs.  The host of the meeting invites a minimum of four guests to their home and supplies refreshments. 

The meeting contains general information on the types of conditions a Coach can work with.  Meeting usually closes after a Question and Answer section.  There are handouts for each attendee which includes contact information.

The initial ‘Coffee with a Coach’ meeting is complementary.  Details of further meetings where helpful techniques can be learnt will be available at this meeting as is information regarding prices.


Email –   or   Ring – 01279 831165

to arrange a meeting.



You can have ‘Coffee with a Coach’, at anytime of the day!


Barbara Harvey


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