How can I stop Procrastinating?



Procrastination is something that we all do at some time in our lives, but for some it becomes something that really gets in the way of you living the life that you want to live.  There are many reasons for it and for everyone it is different.


When someone comes to me complaining that they ‘procrastinate over nearly everything’ I don’t just deal with their symptoms, I discover what is causing the symptoms and deal with that.  In the same way that if you were experiencing a pain in the kidney area, and you took pain killers, that would not be addressing the possible infection in the kidney.


So let’s start by saying, your non-conscious mind is doing something that is stopping you and we want to know what as well as why.


I start by investigating what is going on inside when you think about the action you are avoiding?


This is probably a feeling of FEAR in one level of intensity or another.  It could be:

  • Of failing and looking stupid
  • Of being successful
  • Others seeing you differently if you succeed
  • Of being rejected
  • Of thinking you may not be good enough or know enough, in other words

Lack of Confidence

Low self-esteem


Consciously most people reject the possibility that it could be any of these, but in reality the conscious mind doesn’t know everything that is going on in the mind as it is only a very small percentage of our mind, something like about 5%.  It is our non-conscious mind where these behaviours originate and you can bet your bottom dollar that it was created when you were really small, probably in the first 5 years of your life.


Now, when you think about this behaviour today, you probably feel annoyed and frustrated with it and think how stupid it is and also think about how much you could achieve if this was gone, and that is totally understandable.  However, when you were really young, you must have been in a situation that the ‘little you’ felt uncomfortable about, so to help you get through it, your non-conscious mind came up with a solution that worked really well on that one occasion.  It realised that it worked great and so whenever a situation arises that creates you to feel a similar feeling; your non-conscious mind does that behaviour.


Once I have found out what the feeling is, exactly and when it started, exactly, I am then able to use any of my skills to help you change that programme in the non-conscious mind to something that is more beneficial for you.  We may find that once that behaviour has been tweaked, everything for you is easy and just the way you want it.  On the other hand we may find that the old behaviour was covering something else which also may need to be tweaked, and that can be done at another session after a couple of weeks, once we have a clear picture of what you are experiencing and how it affects you.


So if you have a behaviour that is stopping you, then why not contact me so we can get it sorted.  You can then live your life with the passion and the power that you want.


Until next time, experience the joy in every minute.

Best wishes.