How do you feel about what you do ‘automatically’? Can you change your behaviours?


Do you ever find that you react to things in a way that you don’t like?  Or have you realised that you continuously make the wrong choices when it comes to people or partners?


You may find that you can’t resist certain foods even when a part of you is telling you that you shouldn’t have them. You may find that certain people wind you up when they don’t seem to do anything different than anyone else.  It may be that you have very strong beliefs about religion, politics or society and you find you voice your views easily.  Or you may find you have views that you wish you had the courage to voice out loud.


There could be many things about ourselves that we would wish to change if we had the opportunity and the know-how.


We go to school to gain knowledge that helps us interact with the outside world. We learn things like how to find a career or a job that suits us and how to communicate effectively with others using a whole variety of different methods.  These are vital tools to help us progress through our lives but I believe our knowledge falls short in one, very important, area.  We are taught very little about what drives us, how we make decisions or how we can deal better with the pressures that are put upon us in our modern lives.


Nearly twenty years ago I started learning where I had been going wrong with my life.  I started learning that it is what goes on automatically that has the greatest impact on us.  These automatic responses and behaviours are triggered in our unconscious mind and I believed that because of that, I was stuck with them for the rest of my life.  I now know that belief is wrong.


I signed up to do a course of Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.  I was mainly interested in the Hypnotherapy part of it and stupidly thought I could just not use Coaching or NLP.  I did some research after signing up and before actually attending the first module, and read a lot of negative information about NLP.  By the time I was due to attend I was questioning if I had done the right thing.  Eight years later I had become a Tutor.


I realised that the negative information I had read had been written by people who had little understanding of NLP.  What I now believe is that the basics of NLP should be taught in schools as it would benefit the next generation immensely.   I have had teachers as clients and every one of them has said the same and asked if the Education Boards have ever been approached.  From the research I have done I believe that the authorities have tended to believe the negative information and are now not prepared to rethink their decision.


As we all know, to try and sway the authorities would take forever and too much wasted energy, I have decided to go through some of the basic information with you.  It has helped me and it has helped my clients.  I would love to hear if it is helping you too.


I would like to leave you with a powerful thought to start you thinking, and that is – Everything we do is driven by a feeling and every thought we have gives us a feeling.  Please spend some time and think about that statement and we can start exploring it more next time.