How to be the Captain of your ship called ‘LIfe’!


Have you had a good month?  What have you done to take you nearer to your goals?

I would like to ask you five questions that are similar to the ones that got me off my ‘back-side’ and made me take action, all those years ago.

  1. What would you like to do in your life that ‘deep down’ you just don’t believe you will ever do?
  2. Have you ever seen anyone else do this thing?
  3. Why do you think they can do it, yet you think you can’t?
  4. If I said I know you can do it and I can help you, what would you think?
  5. What would you do next?

Through no fault of our own, and usually not intentionally by anyone else, we set limits to our capabilities and achievements.  These beliefs have usually been with us since we were very young and so, to us, they feel they are part of us.

If you bought a computer 10 year ago, then after 6 months of using it you installed a programme, when you use it now, 9 ½ years later, that programme has become ‘just’ part of your computer.  You don’t think about it being installed separately.  Yet, if we chose to, we could update that programme or uninstall it, even though it would leave evidence in the history of the computer.

The same can be said for our behaviours and beliefs.

Just like a computer, with the right help, we can change any programme/behaviour that is hindering us from achieving something that we want.  The visible signs of one of these old programmes/behaviours could be Weight issues, Confidence problems, Low mood or Depression, Feeling like you are not as good as others or Feeling Guilty on a regular basis.  These conditions can make you feel frustrated as they seem to be so big and impossible to get around.

If you really want to do this thing, your next step should be to contact me and find out how to start making the changes to alter the path of your life.

We are all ‘A work in Progress’ and because we are the way we are today, it does not mean that this is the way we have to stay.  We can all change if we are prepared to do the work.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your changes.

Best wishes from Barbara.