NLP Coaching is easy and effective

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Often when we have a problem that is impacting on our lives, we would really like to get help to deal with it but we feel too fragile to face all the questions that we know the therapist will be asking.

I have good news!  When you work with an NLP Coach, there is no need to be asked so many painful questions.  Obviously the more we know the better but initially as long as we get a basic idea of the problem, we are able to work with that.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP who held a Tutor position in London for six years, I am able to read your body language, so can see when things are becoming too uncomfortable for you. 

My first task is to help my client understand how the mind and body communicate to create the feelings that can be so painful.  When unhappy or negative thoughts rattle around in your head, taking over your whole life and stopping you from sleeping and eating, it is reassuring to find out that although you may have physical symptoms, nothing has actually gone wrong.  It can also be quite distressing as these thoughts seem to be totally out of your control and happen automatically making us believe that we can do nothing to change them.  This belief is untrue as the symptoms can be easily explained and a process of how you can change them can be quickly learnt and mastered.

Initially NLP had very bad press which put many people off from seeking help from NLP Coaches.  However, as years are progressing the general public are becoming more familiar with NLP and it is becoming more widely accepted.  It is important that you seek a practitioner who is well trained and has high ethics, so you are able to feel confident in their company.  You need to be able to trust them.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at or to leave a message on 01279 831165.