The 3 Step (Exam) Confidence Programme



Barbara J Harvey


Specialist in Stress Management


The 3 Step (Exam) Confidence Programme


Stress is being put on our young people from a very early age and many of them are unable to cope with it.

Exam results are important, but when the pressure being put on the child creates physical symptoms, all the information that they have learnt becomes frozen inside. The implications of this could affect them for the rest of their school years and for the rest of their lives.  They could believe that they are unable to learn, or retain information.  Their confidence is knocked and may never recover.  They may feel inferior to their peers and this could follow them through their lives and spread across every aspect of their personality.

If we look at the pressures being put on adults and see how they are coping with it and then compare that with what is expected of our children, remembering that their brains have not finished developing, it is safe to say that we are most probably scaring them for life.

It is important that children get the help they need to be able to face exams and tests without doing long-term damage.  School is just the start of a lifetime of stressful situations, so if they are helped now, the useful techniques they learn will help them throughout the rest of their lives.

The strategy that Equinox has developed will equip them for the forthcoming exams and for any challenging situation that they may come across in the future.  It is especially designed to be easy to learn as well as fun.  It is delivered in three parts and the children are asked not to speak about it or try to explain it to anyone until the sessions have been completed.  This is normal practice for Change Work especially with children as they are easily swayed and susceptible to others opinions and while the new information is settling in it is best to leave well alone.

To apply to attend this programme please email: or leave a message on 01279 831165 and I will get back to you.