Thinking ourselves ‘into’ or ‘out of’ something!


How many times have you said to yourself ‘If only I had stayed with my original decision’?

Well that is a perfect example of a time when you have thought yourself out of the right decision.  If you stop for a moment and think about this, it is very easy to think yourself out of anything.  Your desire can easily feel like the right choice and the more you think about it, the more ‘right’ it feels.

There are two ways of looking at what a ‘gut’ feeling is.  It can be seen as the desire to continue doing things the way they have always been done, so that you feel comfortable about doing it.  Or it can be seen as a decision made by the non-conscious brain, which is by far the largest part of the brain and so therefore a majority vote.  If you owned a factory and you put an idea to all your staff and it came back with a 95% majority, wouldn’t you go with it then?  Over the years, and believe me – there have been many of them, I have learned that when I am guided by my ‘gut’ feeling, it is very seldom wrong.  Notice I use the word guided.  This does not mean that I go forward blindly, it means that I am strongly influenced and I consciously look at the disadvantages of doing what my ‘gut’ is telling me.

Very often my ‘gut’ feeling is not really what I want to do, or it is telling me to do something that is more risky than I am comfortable with.  At those times when I have ‘bitten the bullet’ and done what is not comfortable and scary, it has turned out to be the best thing to do.  In my experience, it is those times that I have thought and thought about something and have thought myself into doing what I want instead of what ‘my core being’ feels right with, is where my biggest mistakes have been.

Our non-conscious brain can only communicate with us using feelings and our conscious mind is not all that good at noticing and listening to what those feelings could mean.  Let us use the factory analogy again and let us call it a biscuit factory.  The job of the Owner/Manager is to sell his biscuits to whoever he can and to do that he communicates using words – so this is our Conscious Mind.  The factory foreman relays messages from the Owner/Manager to the body of workers, then from the body of workers to the Owner manager.  The problem is that the body of workers (our body) does not speak in words; it uses sign language (feelings).  The Foreman (our non-conscious brain) also uses sign language which is images and smells that then connect to feelings.  As the Owner/Manager spends the majority of his time thinking through processes and communicating with others, there is very little time to listen and learn to what the foreman and the workers are trying to tell him.

It is extremely beneficial to learn how to listen to what your body and non-conscious brain is communicating to you, as together you are a whole person and make a formidable team when working together.

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Until next time – have the Faith, Belief and Guts to take Action.