Turning your stress levels down.


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If you could switch your stress off just think how you would feel.  There would be no tight feeling in your stomach, chest and head.  Your appetite and energy levels would go back to normal, and you would be able to sleep better.  You would be able to think clearly again so you could make rational decisions because your head would not be spinning around.  Any decision you would make would be easy just like those you make when you are on holiday.

So how could you make that happen?  The first step is to understand how you get the symptoms you experience when you are stressed.  What is happening inside and how it is triggered.  This doesn’t mean that you would need a crash course in Biology and Psychology, all it means is that you would need to improve your understanding. When you understand this, you are then in a position to do something about it.  

We each have the power to change how we feel.  All we need is the knowledge of how to do it.

The symptoms we know as Stress are all triggered by the way we think and how we respond and react to what is going on around us.  I appreciate that we are told that only about 10% of our brain is conscious but that does not mean that we are unable to change the things that just seem to happen automatically, like Stress, Anxiety and Depression. 

Sometimes the symptoms can become ‘all consuming’ and we feel we are a victim of our symptoms, but life does not have to be like this.  It would not be human to have ‘no feelings’ but it would be useful to be able to control their intensity so we could function in a way that was practical, comfortable and helpful.

When you attend sessions held by Equinox Coaching you are listened to as we need to get an understanding of how you are affected by your life and your symptoms.  Then we explain and demonstrate how your symptoms started and are being maintained.  Every single aspect of Stress is created from our unconscious mind therefore you cannot take any responsibility.  What you are able to do is learn to be more aware, learn new strategies and apply them so you can then be in control of your future.

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