Barbara Harvey

Life Coach / Healer / Medium


What is a Life Coach?  Why would I need one?


These are the two most popular questions that I have been asked for nearly 20 years.


The first image one usually gets when the word Coach is heard is that of a Sports Coach shouting his head off from the sideline as their student/client pushes themselves to their maximum.  With that image in mind, it is hard to imagine how a Life Coach could possibly help us.


A Coach in any field of your life does so much more than just shout from the sideline.


A Coach is usually employed when an individual is unhappy with what they are achieving, or with a certain aspect of their life.


There are times and situations in each of our lives when we become stuck.  We may want to do something or achieve something but no matter how hard we try we just can’t do it.  We may look around and see other do it and then become frustrated that no-matter how hard we try, we just can’t.


A Coach is trained to observe and listen to their client so he or she is able to unravel what is happening in the mind to discover what is holding their client back.


So when you see a Sports Coach on the sideline shouting his little head off, be aware that a lot of work has already been done behind the scenes in private sessions.  The Coach has been spotting how the client responds to the ‘stuff’ that happens in their life which then goes around in their head dictating how they behave and perform.  Once this stage is complete the client, with the help of the Coach, is then able to learn a new way of responding and thus performing.


A Life Coach helps you in your everyday life, with things that you know are not the way you would like them to be.  An example of this is Stress. You may worry a lot, and you may have told yourself and others that you have inherited this from your parents as they worry too.  You also may think that this is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life and so just accept it.


Another example could be that you lack confidence.  You may prefer to hide yourself in a crowd and don’t feel comfortable stepping forward and being noticed. 


You may feel that you are being overlooked at work but don’t feel comfortable saying anything to your manager. 


You may have trouble interacting with certain people, a group of people or with having and keeping relationships


It could be that you worry about what others think about you in a variety of situations.


All of these things, and many more, can really get in the way of you leading the type of life you would like to lead and therefore stop you being as happy as you could be.  And these are the kinds of things that a Life Coach could help you with.


Coaching is very different to Counselling.  With Coaching you get to understand how your thoughts can and are affecting your actions, then you are taught strategies of how to respond to things in a different way.  Also you usually visit a coach for a limited amount of time and not weekly visits for years and years.  As you will appreciate, everyone is unique so it is impossible to estimate the average amount of sessions needed although a rough estimate may be discussed at the first session.


I hope this gives you a better idea of what a Life Coach is capable of helping you with.


If your problem has not been mentioned, you could always send a quick email or arrange to have a chat on the phone.


Thanks for reading.


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