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What is Stress?                                                         

Stress is the name we give to a collection of symptoms that affect us in a negative way.  They normally appear at a time in our lives when we have something on our minds that is causing us to worry.

Stress is very prolific in modern society and is mentioned a great deal.  If we are told that someone is suffering with stress, we immediately feel that we understand the situation and have an idea what they are feeling.

What we are doing in this situation is recalling a time in our life when we felt Stressed.  When we bring back the memory, we are also bring back the feeling that goes with it and in doing that we are able to recall how debilitating it was.  So what we are doing is bringing back how stress felt ‘for us’.  But do we really know how ‘they’ feel?

As we know, Stress has very many symptoms and when we speak to others we hear that although many of the symptoms are similar, no two people admit to feeling the same intensity for each symptom.  This is because stress is not something that we have, it is something that we do, and as each of us is totally unique, how could we possibly do it the same as anyone else?

I am in no way saying that we do stress deliberately, as who in their right mind would actually want to feel like rubbish all the time?  What I am saying is that the symptoms of stress are triggered in the unconscious part of our brain.  The trigger then sends messages to various parts of our body, and hey presto, we have symptoms.

When I initially heard this, my first thought was ‘Well, that’s it then, I am stuck with feeling like this forever.’  Little Miss Pessimist, that was me !!!

I knew nothing about how each part of the brain worked and I believed that if something was coming from a part of my brain I had no control over, then that was it and there was no hope of changing anything.

Since that time quite a few years have passed and I became qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP as well as other skills, so please believe me when I tell you that when you know what to do and you are supported and encouraged while you learn, you can control your own stress levels.  I am not a lover of medication but have seen how useful it can be in the early stages of the learning process. So it doesn’t matter what stage you are at, you can always take the first step to being ‘The true you’.

I would be happy to chat to you further so please give me a ring and if we get on, you can start taking more control of your own life.

Best wishes, Bx

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